Technical services

High Performance Data Storage and processing

Consultation for Purchasing a Product

HPDS Corp has a team that focuses on presenting and elaborating on each HPDS product. More specifically, they do the following:

  • Providing a demo of  each HPDS product to familiarize the customer with  it
  • Providing research and development capabilities and  each product after-sales support
  • Providing a visit to the product manufacturing plant and providing guidance and advice for optimal purchase

After Sales Service

In addition to providing advice and support for product purchase, , HPDS  provides after-sales services including the following :

  • holding educational courses and workshops
  • Installing, setting up and providing technical advice regarding the optimal configuration of the purchased  product
  • Providing technical  suppor/solutions for  product compatibility with various devices
  • Conducting regular periodic visits and providing technical reports on product performance and incidents


Educational Courses

In order to  ensure that HPDS product users make the most out of each product and follow the best practices, HPDS Corp.  providesprofessional courses  to train technical personnel :

  • First course: Storage  Concepts
  • Second course: Data storage system configuration  (Storage Configuration Expert)
  • Third course: Advanced Storage  Features Expert

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

Customers can receive the support services they need by registering a ticket in this system at any hour of the day and night and follow up until the  desired result is achieved. The capabilities of the  HPDS CRM is as follows :

  • Registration and editing of tickets and tracking of registered tickets
  • View contract and product warranty
  • View frequently asked questions

Preventive Maintenance (PM)

In order to improve the performance and productivity of the storage systems and prevent possible incidents, periodic visits  (i.e., Preventive Maintenance or PM) are conducted for the customers on a regular basis and a comprehensive report containing the following items is prepared for the customers .

  • Checking and controlling system configurations including disk subsystem configuration, processing resources and server communications
  • Checking system performance including data storage arrays and FC/ iSCSI modules
  • Optimizing system configuration and settings  (Tuning)
  • Investigating the physical connections and integration of the used storage network

Customer Support Unit

HPDS Corp. has a customer care unit to check the level of customer satisfaction with products and support services, and is responsible for measuring customer satisfaction. This unit continuously monitors customer satisfaction by examining factors affecting customer satisfaction and conducting correspondence. Also, the duties of this center are to register and follow up customer complaints until the  issue is resolved .

Product Maintenance Conditions (SOC)

In order to preserve the product better, the storage conditions are recommended as follows .

  • Tolerable temperature between 15 to 30 degrees centigrade
  • Tolerable humidity between 8% to 60%
  • Input voltage between 180 to 240 Volts
  • Input frequency equal to 50Hz

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

HPDS Corp is committed to providing maintenance and support services for its systems and providing  hardware parts during the warranty period as follows .

  • Product installation and periodic visits
  • 24*7 support in person and by phone
  • Provide advice for optimal product configuration

Product warranty

All the  components  of all HPDS products have at least one year replacement warranty and three years technical service warranty from the time of purchase, and it is also possible to extend the warranty period upon the request of the users. For more information , read Product Maintenance Conditions (SOC) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) documents .

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