SAB-VR Series

High Performance Data Storage and processing

One of the popular ways to provide high security in important public and private sectors (including banks, department stores and public transportation) is through proper use of a large network of IP cameras. Through 7x24 monitoring, and various video processing techniques, any events can be recorded and even threats can be predicted. However, existing equipment on the market are very expensive to deploy and maintain for recording video streams of many high-quality IP cameras, and the situation becomes even worse if real-time heavy image processing is required. In these existing methods, commonly multiple servers are dedicated for video processing and one or more SAN/NAS storage systems are dedicated for video recording, making it large, complex, and expensive solution.

 HPDS Corp has conducted research and development to address the customers’ demands for a lower cost, easier to manage, and at the same time, highly reliable video surveillance solution. The result is a new product, HPDS SAB-VR, that provides the ability to manage up to 200 Full HD cameras, record and keep videos for over 1-month, and even apply heavy real-time video processing, all in a single customized system.


SAB-VR Series
SAB-VR Series

SAB-VR Series advantages

  • Support for various video management software (VMS)
  • Support for graphics cards for heavy processing based on Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Support for all major brands of IP cameras (depends on VMS of interest)
  • Monitoring, supervision and system management
  • Video archiving of 200 cameras for 1-month, expandable to 1-year
  • Reduced rack space requirement
  • High availability for recording and maintaining camera videos

Product features

Various Video Stream

Recoriding Encoding Support


Windows FileSystem Support

LUN Copy

LUN Migration and Synchronization


Linux-Base FileSystem Support


Data Tieirng betwen various disk levels

VMware advanced Integration

VMware advanced Integration

Quota Support

Managing User Spaces

RapidStore Cache

Two Layer Cache

Thin Provisioning

ٰVolume Thick/Thin Provisioning


Creating a Data Snapshot


LDAP and Kerberos Authentication Support

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup as Upstream Tier


 synchronous block replication with other devices


Sending Monitoring Info via SNMP v2/3

Product Specifications

SAB-VR A8700 SAB-VR A8600 SAB-VR A7900 SAB-VR A7700 Model
200 200 150 100 Number of Cameras
4U, Rackmount 4U, Rackmount 2U, Rackmount 2U, Rackmount From Factor
24 Drives 24 Drives 12 Drives 12 Drives Number Of Drives (Without Jbod)
204 Drives 204 Drives 192 Drives 192 Drives Max Number of Supported Drives
480TB  384TB  192TB  192TB Base Chassis Capacity
12Gbs SAS / 6Gbs SATA, HDD3.5”/SSD2.5” , Hot Swappable Drive Type
2x E5 2600V4 Series (2x16 cores) 2x E5 2600V4 Series (2x16 cores) 2x E5 2600V4 Series (2x14 cores) 2x E5 2600V4 Series (2x10 cores) System Processor
64GB Up to 1TB 32GB Up to 1TB 32GB Up to 1TB 32GB Up to 1TB System Memory
2x 256GB SSD (RAID-1) Internal Storage (for OS)
Heavy Medium Medium Light AI Processing Load
2xUSB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 2xUSB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 2xUSB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 2xUSB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0 # of USB Ports
3xPCIe Gen3 (One x16-lane + Two x8-lane) 3xPCIe Gen3 (One x16-lane + Two x8-lane) 3xPCIe Gen3 (One x16-lane + Two x8-lane) 3xPCIe Gen3 (One x16-lane + Two x8-lane) PCI Express
Yes Optional No No GPU-Accelerated
Video/AI Processing
4x1Gbps (RJ45) 2x1Gbps (RJ45) 2x1Gbps (RJ45) 2x1Gbps (RJ45) I/O Interface
0, 1, 5, 6, 10 (0+1), 50, 60 RAID Levels
Multiple global or dedicated hot-spare drives Hot Spares
Windows 7/8/10/11, WS 2016/2019, Linux, Solaris OS Supported
HPDS UI  / SNMP / SMTP / IPMI / Syslog Management Tools
100 ~ 240 VAC, 60 ~ 50Hz 100 ~ 240 VAC, 60 ~ 50Hz AC Input
Redundant 1+1CRPS 1300W Redundant 1+1CRPS 800W Power Supply
670 x 444 x 170 (mm) 695 x 433 x 87.6 (mm) Dimensions (D * W * H)
W/O Drives : 18 Kg
W Drives : 32 Kg
W/O Drives : 11Kg
W Drives : 24 Kg
18 Months Guarantee + 5 Years after sale services Guarantee



SAB-DT Series

  • Suitable for backup solutions
  • Maintaining high capacity of data

SAB-HB Series

  • Suitable for virtualizations services
  • Proper reliability and performance

SAB-AF Series

  • Suitable for high transaction apps
  • Flash-base devices

SANGold-AF Series

  • Suitale for high availabilty needs
  • Wtih full HW and SW redundancy

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