SAB-DT Series

High Performance Data Storage and processing

SAB Series DT model

SAB storage systems provide an integrated platform for simultaneous file and block services under with various data transfer protocols (FCoE, Ethernet and iSCSI), with the full customization capabilities in terms of protocol type, speed, and port density.

SAB-DT storage devices are designed specifically for surveilance camera video logs and backup systems. Various protocols and video format support and compatibility with more than 100 security camera brands has made SAB-DT a smart choice for organizations' surveillance system.

In Addition, these devices are considered a very cost efficient choice for Disk Based Backup Repository in organizations.

SAB-DT Series
SAB-DT Series

SAB-DT Series advantages

  • Specifically configured for Video Recording and Backup
  • 99.998% Availability
  • Up to 5000Mbps data access speed
  • High security in storing organization data
  • Affordable Solution

Product features

Various Video Stream

Recoriding Encoding Support


Windows FileSystem Support

LUN Copy

LUN Migration and Synchronization


Linux-Base FileSystem Support


Data Tieirng betwen various disk levels

VMware advanced Integration

VMware advanced Integration

Quota Support

Managing User Spaces

RapidStore Cache

Two Layer Cache

Thin Provisioning

ٰVolume Thick/Thin Provisioning


Creating a Data Snapshot


LDAP and Kerberos Authentication Support

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup as Upstream Tier


 synchronous block replication with other devices


Sending Monitoring Info via SNMP v2/3

Product Specifications

Specifications SAB-DT-50 B Series SAB-DT-100 A Series SAB-DT-100 B Series SAB-DT-150 A Series
Max No. of Drives 48 96 128 128
CPU 1 x Intel Xeon 8-core, 2.1GHz
Memory 16G 16G 32G 64G
Connection Protocols FC(Block) / NFS / CIFS
Max. RAW Capacity 0.74PB 1PB 2PB 2PB
Disk support HDD (SATA, NL-SAS, SAS)
Redundancy Dual paths, Redundant Powers
FC ports 8G / 16G
iSCSl, TCP/IP support IG / 10G
  • Snapshot, LDAP and Kerberos Authentication Support, Standard SNMP (v2/3)
  • Cloud Backup as Upstream Tier
  • RSTP Support
  • Various Video Stream Recording Encodings Support
  • Quota Support



SAB-HB Series

  • Suitable for virtualizations services
  • Proper reliability and performance

SAB-AF Series

  • Suitable for high transaction apps
  • Flash-base devices

SANGold-AF Series

  • Suitale for high availabilty needs
  • Wtih full HW and SW redundancy

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