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High Performance Data Storage and processing

Research & Development (R&D) Department

Research & Development (R&D) Department

The  design and production of storage systems in the world is almost monopolized by three countries (America, Japan, China) and there are less than ten major storage system companies. Therefore, advancing in the high-tech domain of the production and development of storage systems and competing with major global companies requires excessive innovation, research and development. Thus HPDS Corp has always invested heavily in R&D department and most of the company employees belong to this department.

Studying international standards in the field of data storage and researching the most up-to-date commercial technologies
Product architecture design based on international standards and customer needs in the target market
Search for the best software/hardware components and evaluating various system configurations under real test scenarios to explore the optimal design choices.
Design and implementation of software layers from scratch ( e.g., some data storage services and product user interface) according to the customer needs.
Conducting various system tests to find and fix possible software/hardware problems before being released to the customers
Publishing research papers to top-tier international venues and applying for international/domestic patents for the products designed at R&D departmen.
Human Resources and R&D Equipment

Human Resources and R&D Equipment

R&D department (with over 40 employees) is the largest department at HPDS Corp. According to the goals of HPDS Corp., research and implementation in different software layers (operating system, libraries, user interfaces, etc.), hardware layers, and quality assurance of products related to the field of data storage are done in this department.

Technical Teams

Technical Teams

In order to systematically develop the product, the research and development group includes the following specialized team:

Research Team
carrying out mid-term and long-term research projects in the field of software/hardware and designing prototypes of new products based on the outputs of the projects.
OS team
personalization of open source operating systems, troubleshooting and choosing optimal configuration of various system services for the intended use of the HPDS products.
Hardware team
design, improvement and manufacturing of some electronic and mechanical parts of HPDS products (in cooperation with multiple Iranian companies)
QA team
designing and implementing various test scenarios to evaluate the capabilities and software/hardware products of the company before the official release.
User interface team
designing and implementing product user interfaces (CLI/UI) and creating customized APIs
management project
Project management based on Scrum methodology
R&D Equipment

R&D Equipment

Having an independent data center in compliance with the necessary standards and equipped with the following equipment, this department implements and tests all its activities operationally while simulating the operational site of the customers .

More than 68 SAN storage systems and servers
More than 550 different types of HDDs and SSDs
More than 16 SAN switches and Ethernet switches
Scientific and Technological Achievements

Scientific and Technological Achievements

The scientific and technological achievements so far are as follows:

Design and implementation of 4 categories of SAN Storage products ( from low-cost categories for archive usage to medium categories for high-rate transaction usage )
Registration of 5 domestic and US patents
Writing, presenting and publishing more than 20 papers in top-tier international conferences and journals

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