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Company Name: High Performance Data Storage and Processing (HPDS)

Founded in: 2014, Tehran, Iran

HPDS Corp., established in 2014, aims research and development of data storage systems. HPDS Corp. have launched several storage products with SAB brand. With the ever-increasing needs for big-data storage in a cost-efficient and reliable manner, the first mission of HPDS Corp. is addressing the market concerns, in Iran and all around the Globe.

Hpds Activities

Innovative and comprehensive storage solutions

The state-of-the-art knowledge behind HPDS products is generated in Data Storage, Networks, & Processing (DSN) laboratory, recognized as one of the most distinguished research laboratories in the World. The research in DSN Lab. is specialized to storage systems and proposing storage solutions for a variety of performance, dependability, and capacity needs. HPDS products are directly inspired by the research work backed in DSN Lab., including security test, dependability test, and performance evaluation of our innovative storage designs. As an example, we can note RapidStore software/hardware product that designed and tested in DSN Lab. and is exclusively commercialized under HPDS license. RapidStore is serving as the accelerator of SAB100-SE storage system and can improve the performance by 2X to 10X, depending on the workload.

Research projects of HPDS Corp. also include software and simulation environments for standard benchmarking of storage systems, publicly available for enthusiasts.

Design and production of Data Storage Systems

The major activities of HPDS Corp. are concentrated on the architecture, design, and production of big-data storage systems, as follows:

  • Design and production of network-based data storage systems
  • Comprehensive storage solutions for data-centers
  • Providing Software/Hardware storage solutions with long term support
  • Consultations in storage realm
  • Storage equipment supply, install, maintenance, and repair.

Cutting-edge papers and patents on Big-data storage

R&D of HPDS Corp. manages to publish the results of its cutting-edge research in tier-one Journals and conferences.

Over 30 very high quality papers in A+ conferences and journals are categorized as follows:

  • Dependability of data storage systems
  • System level memory and I/O management
  • System level data tiering
  • Availability modeling in data storage systems
  • Reliability, performance, and cost issues of using SSDs in data storage systems

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